Introduction to the FAQ

Every writer receives them. Some of them we ask each other: How do you do—? Do you ever—? But the questions I hear over and over from readers I have come to a point with that it's impossible to answer freshly or enthusiastically, and when they're being asked with genuine interest, this is too bad. So here are a few once and for all answers—more or less—my once and for all, at least this week. Other writers' answers are or would be different. My answers have evolved a bit over time, but my making time to update my FAQ is always one of those things I'm going to do tomorrow or next year.

I've tried to answer most of the standard questions and maybe, maybe, now that the discipline of running the blog has laid its heavy hand over me (oof) I'll finally get round to answering a few of the slightly less standard ones that readers have asked me, in person or by letter or email. Maybe. But if you don't see the answer you're looking for, you might want to check back later. Next century perhaps. And, depending on how badly you want your answer, or how much time you have to frivol away, it might also be worth having a glance through the tags and categories of the blog.